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Our Consulting Services & Research Tools

We empower high-tech, technology, and start-up companies of all types and stages, by identifying business opportunities, improving business models, thriving in competitive markets, and leveraging ideas into business success

Market Research

Get a deeper understanding and knowledge of your existing market, or the ones you wish to target, by evaluating market size and share, estimating value and potential, analyzing trends, and identifying direct & indirect competitors.

Strategic Research

Hone and strengthen the company’s strategy to help you achieve your goals, taking into account the business and organizational environment, your product or service, the needs of your customers, and their usage habits.

Competitive Analysis

Creating a competitive landscape, including a detailed analysis of your strengths and weaknesses over the competitors, so that you can focus on your product USP.


A successful Go-to-Market strategy is essential for the company’s decision-making process. Based on it, we will help you penetrate the target market, attract your relevant target audience and achieve your pre-defined KPIs. 

User Research

We utilize AI technologies to obtain all relevant consumer data and provide you with an in-depth view of existing and potential users and their motivations and behavioral patterns. That includes grouping clients to form specific archetypes (personas), creating an entire customer journey, and improving customer experience.

Preliminary Research toward Raising Capital

We will help you prepare for fundraising rounds by highlighting your product’s unique value proposition, mapping your opportunities and threats, and ensuring your product has unique and distinct storytelling.

Preparation & Support During the Sale or Merger

Identifying and locating potential buyers, preparing all the relevant materials, making the initial connection, and providing you with ongoing advice throughout all stages of negotiations – until the actual closing of the deal.