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Strategic Consulting

Grow your business, seize opportunities, redefine strategy

Snapshot – organization and market analysis

  • Market analysis, customer needs, and market trends
  • Competitors tracking & analysis, SWOT analysis
  • Reviewing the potential of organizational assets
  • Performance patterns analysis

The value proposition – defining vision and business potential

  • Reviewing the organizational culture and structure
  • Definition of vision and core values
  • Development of strategic map, as well as short, medium, and long-term goals

Work plan – change, integration, and actual implementation

Drafting a document of recommendations and an operative work plan:

  • Based on the data collected on both the market and the organization
  • In line with the vision, objectives, goals, and core values
  • According to defined timetables, budget, and distribution channels
  • Using measurable, quantifiable, and improvable success indicators