Marketing Consulting

Meet your customers’ needs, find your unique value proposition

Snapshot – market analysis, plus business and competitive environment

  • Characterization of existing customers, including in-depth research, segmentation, preferences, and consumer behavior
  • Competitors and competitive environment, benchmarking analysis
  • Market analysis, consumer trends & behavior, and regulatory environment analysis
  • Digital assets, interfaces, and customer satisfaction
  • Analysis of performance and existing patterns of behavior

The value proposition – developing a unique marketing message

  • Identifying new markets, target audiences, and distribution channels
  • Characterization and research of customer journey
  • Mapping growth engines, demand forecasting, and business feasibility
  • Developing and incentivizing innovation processes within the organization
  • Identifying opportunities for collaboration, mergers, or acquisitions

Work plan – change, integration, and actual implementation

Drafting a document of recommendations and an operative work plan:

  • Based on the data collected on both the market and the organization
  • In line with the vision, objectives, goals, and core values
  • According to defined timetables, budget, and distribution channels
  • Using measurable, quantifiable, and improvable success indicators