Fact Stories is a research-based consulting agency

We are data mining freaks, leading the art of research storytelling, creating game-changing business intelligence, breaking old conventions and defining new ones, powered by a mixture of data & soul.


Yehezkel Nehemya
Chief Executive Officer

A data and statistics freak with over a decade of experience in consultation and research. Yehezkel is also proficient in business development, marketing & content creation.

Noa Parag
Research Director

A book lover with 15 years of experience as a journalist. Noa founded one of the leading technology blogs in Israel and holds a MA (cum laude) from Tel Aviv University.

Ilya Ginzburg
Head of Intelligence

A born-and-bred researcher and information specialist, with a vast data mining experience. Ilya holds two academic degrees and speaks 6 languages.

Inbar Kassavi,
Art Director

An artist at heart and a heavy metal lover in appearance, Inbar has 10 years of experience as a graphic designer & data visualization. She is a graduate of the Avni Institute of Art and Design.


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